Saira Clegg - Relaxing sounds bring a welcome distraction

- Mar 23, 2017 -

Anna Lamplough, Saxophonist, reviews Water's Edge

Review from the Salvationist

Saira Clegg - Relaxing sounds bring a welcome distraction - Citadel Promotions

After the busyness of the festive season, the arrival of 'Water's Edge', an album of saxophone reflections, was a welcome distraction for me. As I sat and listened to the relaxing sounds played by Saira Clegg, I felt transported to a place of solace and tranquility. We don't often hear the sound of the saxophone in The Salvation Army and so this CD was refreshing.

One of my favourite tracks is 'Cindary Noel' by Stephen Bulla. Stephen is known to brass band and wind band enthusiasts for his great skills as a composer and arranger. This arrangement does not disappoint, providing the soloist with a great opportunity for real energy and groove. I particularly enjoyed the multi-tracking effects used, layering up the saxophones in the middle section. Other highlights were 'Bring him home' from the world's longest-running musical Les Miserable and also a piece that transported me back to my years of studying, 'Aria' by Eugene Bozza. There are aspects of it that present a challenge, demanding a high level of stamina and technique. If you don't know the work of Bozza, I would recommend this track to you; it is well executed and is made to sound effortless.

I enjoyed reading Saira's detailed and personal sleeve notes that tell of her journey to faith and also her reasoning behind the choices of songs for the CD. Backing musicians Elliot Launn (piano), Saad Chowdhury (bass guitar) and Chris House (percussion) all complement each other.

Citadel Promotions has produced a quality recording. If you are looking for a CD that will add variety to your collection, then this is for you.

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