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Since 1921, The Salvation Army’s Triumph Series Journal (named the Second Series until 1953) published music generally aimed at smaller and/or younger bands. In 1939, a first book of ‘favourites’ was published, followed in 1968 by the Triumph Series Favourites (No. 2) book, which soon became commonly referred to as ‘the Green Book’. As the name suggests, this was a collection of music published in the preceding years which had found a high degree of popularity among the bands which regularly used the Triumph Series Journal.

All of the music on this recording has been taken from the Green Book, and was first published between 1939 and 1962. The featured composers include some of The Salvation Army’s foremost writers, and it is a humbling realisation that while individuals such as Dean Goffin, Ray Steadman-Allen and Leslie Condon were writing music to challenge the best Salvation Army bands of the day, they were also devoting their time to providing music for smaller bands and younger musicians.

Track Listing

Tylney Hall (Dean Goffin)
The march 'Tylney Hall' was written for the 1959 Music School held at that venue, and features the chorus ‘Christ is the answer to my every need’. Published in 1959 Triumph Series No. 596
The Message of Love (Dean Goffin)
Goffin's meditation 'The Message of Love' is based on the hymn tune St Oswald, with which we associate the words: ‘For the love of God is broader than the measure of man’s mind; and the heart of God eternal is most wonderfully kind’. Published in 1952 Triumph Series No. 478
The Great Crusade (Ray Steadman-Allen)
In his book History, Harmony and Humanity, Ray Steadman-Allen tells of the time that, having resigned his officership in 1960, he was invited to conduct his own composition 'The Great Crusade' and, on arriving at the passage which includes the melody ‘Never quit the field’, was reminded of the words and their relevance to his own circumstances. Thankfully, the opportunity for him to re-commence his officership was not too far away. Published in 1957 Triumph Series No. 569
Fight On! (Eric Ball)
With approval from General Bramwell Booth, Captain Eric Ball formed the SP&S Band in 1928, with only 18 players, to demonstrate music that had been written for smaller bands, and emphasize the usefulness of the then new Second Series Journal. His march 'Fight On' is reminiscent of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance marches. Less than 6 months after it was published, Eric Ball became the bandmaster of the International Staff Band Published in 1942 Triumph Series No. 329
The Beautiful City (Erik Silfverberg)
Erik Silfverberg’s legacy is one of countless compositions for smaller bands. His arrangement of 'The Beautiful City' is one of his earliest compositions to be published Published in 1960 Triumph Series No. 602
Exuberance (Arthur Gullidge)
Arthur Gullidge’s march 'Exuberance' features the song: ‘In my heart there rings a melody’ and.was published in 1943. According to the score notes, the composer was ‘when last heard of, a prisoner of war in New Guinea’ Published in 1943 Triumph Series No. 345
March in Scipio (Handel arr. Philip Catelinet)
'March in Scipio' is taken from Handel’s opera Scipio in 1726 and Philip Catelinet’s arrangement is, according to Eric Ball’s score notes, as near as possible to Handel’s original. As the march is also the regimental slow march of the Grenadier Guards, we have taken the liberty of seeking to create a ‘parade ground’ feel. In contrast, Published in 1942 Triumph Series No. 325
Redeeming Love (Dean Goffin)
'Redeeming Love' is another simple yet effective Dean Goffin meditation, this time based on the Easter hymn tune, Horsley (‘There is a green hill far away’). Published in 1950 Triumph Series No. 459
Pilgrimage of Youth (Michael Kenyon)
Michael Kenyon’s suite 'Pilgrimage of Youth' comprises 3 movements ‘describing Youth’s journey through life’. They are: Prospect (There is a happy land); Purpose (Jesus bids us shine) and Pathway (On the high road). Published in 1953 Triumph Series No. 498
Silver Hill (George Marshall)
George Marshall’s eponymous march 'Silver Hill' is reminiscent of his own Mighty to Save, published almost 20 years earlier. Published in 1939 Triumph Series No. 285
The Shepherd Psalm (Dean Goffin)
Dean Goffin’s 'The Shepherd Psalm' features 3 familiar melodies associated with the metrical versions of Psalm 23: My Shepherd, Dominus Regit Me and Crimond. Published in 1960 Triumph Series No. 601
The Front Line (Leslie Condon)
Published in the same year as the composer’s iconic tuba solo, Celestial Morn, Leslie Condon’s selection 'The Front Line' features 3 songs of battle intended to encapsulate the spirit of Salvation warfare: The Firing Line, Under the blood and fire flag, and Gird on the armour. Published in 1962 Triumph Series No. 626
Alderney (Dean Goffin)
'Alderney' was written by Dean Goffin and dedicated to the Salvationists on that island. It contains the tune ‘Pull for the shore, sailor.’ Published in 1953 Triumph Series No. 500
I Love the Saviour's Name (Brian Bowen)
Brian Bowen’s arrangement of 'I Love the Saviour’s Name' is the first of his compositions to be published by The Salvation Army. The tempo (slower than that at which the melody would usually be sung) is intended to create an atmosphere of contemplation and adoration. Published in 1962 Triumph Series No. 629
The Standard Bearer (Charles Skinner)
Charles Skinner’s 'The Standard Bearer' is a set of variations based on the song ‘I’ll be true’ (published for Salvation Army choirs in 1893). After the opening theme, the variations are: Waltz, Drammatico, Scherzando and Finale. Published in 1955 Triumph Series No. 537
Southdown (Ray Steadman-Allen)
Ray Steadman-Allen’s march 'Southdown', written in 1959 while the composer was at Bolney Court music school near Brighton, and featuring a chorus which speaks of the power of conversion: ‘When I remember what He’s done for me, I’ll never go back any more.’ Published in 1961 Triumph Series No. 624

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